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Trent De Paoli

Nuffield Australia 2013 scholarship winner


Trent De Paoli, from Bundaberg in Queensland, received a 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by Horticulture Innovation Australia and the Vegetable R&D Levy and matched funds from the Australian Government. Trent researched value-adding of horticultural by-products through new technologies or processes.

Trent is manager of sales and innovation for Austchilli, a vertically integrated family farming business supplying fresh chilli and puree products to Australian multi-national food companies, as well as exporting to 14 countries around the world. In addition, he is managing director of Pressure Fresh Australia, an innovation business that designs new food products based specifically on high pressure processing technology.

Trent studied ways to value-add to Australian horticultural by-products using new technologies or processes to create innovative products. The study focused on adding value to the typical waste stream products, meaning maximised return for growers.

“By studying capable technologies and processes and providing that information to Australian growers, along with potential business opportunities for our family business to utilise this information, value has hopefully be added to typical by-products, resulting in better farm gate returns,” Trent says.

Trent’s itinerary included North America, Europe and New Zealand to see state of the art technologies and processes, research organisations and commercial industry leaders.

Location: Bundaberg, QLD, 4670
Scholarship report: click to view
Returning Scholar presentation: watch on video
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