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Tim Gubbins

Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship winner

Tim-GubbinsTim Gubbins, from Moyston in Victoria, received a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Australian Wool Innovation. Tim studied how to achieve the full potential of the Merino sheep breed.

Tim is livestock manager on a Western Districts property, with responsibility for a Merino flock consisting of 5500 commercial ewes and 600 stud ewes, 4000 weaners and 2000 mixed‐age weathers. The operation also includes a Merino stud and has a winter grazed area of approximately 1200 hectares, as well as an annual cropping program of around 3000 hectares.

Tim studied the Merino breed with a focus on the period from conception through to weaning.

“I see lambing losses as the biggest issue in the area. Not only are there production losses associated with this issue, it is also an animal welfare concern.

“I wanted to explore the use of DNA markers and electronic identification to better understand genetic traits that could help with lamb survival and growth rates,” Tim said.

Tim believes the wider industry stands to benefit from anyone who can improve the Merino’s ability to conceive and raise a lamb that has the ability to survive to weaning age.

Location: Moyston, Victoria
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