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Thomas Quigley

Nuffield Australia 2015 Scholarship winner

Tom Quigley, from Trangie in New South Wales, received a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Cotton Australia and the Cotton Research and Development Corporation. He researched growing cotton under pressurised overhead sprinkler irrigation.

Tom, with his family, manages Quigley Farms, a mixed 6000- hectare farming enterprise comprising up to 600 hectares of cotton depending on water availability, 2400 hectares of winter crops and 3000 hectares of grazing. The rotation includes irrigated cotton, dryland wheat, canola, chickpeas and grazing oats, while the livestock consists of grazing Merino ewes and cross-bred lambs, and Hereford X Angus cattle.

Over the past few years Tom’s family has upgraded 40 per cent of their irrigation area from furrow irrigation into overhead pressurised sprinkler irrigation in the form of Lateral Move Irrigators.

However with the new, more efficient, infrastructure comes a different challenge, the requirement to also modify the associated farming techniques.

“I wanted to look at different farming systems that go specifically with growing cotton under sprinkler irrigation, particularly in regards to crop rotations and sequencing, cover crops, growing cotton on the flat, minimum and strip tillage, and crop nutrition,” he says.

Tom travelled to the USA, China, Israel and other regions of Australia.

Location: Trangie, New South Wales
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