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Simon Mattsson

Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship winner

Simon-MattssonSimon Mattsson, from Marian in Queensland, received a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Sugar Research Australia.

He studied soil health, focusing on both the beneficial and predatory microbial activities that are crucial to sustaining productive soils.

Simon manages his family’s north Queensland farm, producing sugar cane, soybeans and chickpeas in rotation, utilising a two metre controlled traffic farming system. He uses a supplementary irrigation system including centre pivot and hard hose irrigators.

Simon has a keen interest in further understanding soil health and the properties that improve the structure and wellbeing of soils in general.

“I wanted to focus on soil biology and the balances of fungi and bacteria, as well as the beneficial and predatory‐type microbial activities which are crucial to sustaining soil health.

“My desire was to investigate soil health and the fundamentals that sustain good practices that will provide the basis of a sustainable production system into the future,” Simon explained.

In addition, Simon investigated value‐adding at the farm gate to make the most of the current rotation of soybeans and chickpeas with the primary crop of sugar cane.

To complete his studies, Simon visited the UK, the USA, Brazil, India and South Africa.

Location: Marian, Queensland
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