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Sonya Comiskey – 2018 Nuffield Scholar

Sonya Comiskey from Emerald in Queensland receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Rabobank.

Co-founder of the award-winning Comiskey Bazadais Beef, commercial Bazadais cross cattle operation and French Bazadais beef stud at “Old Mt Stuart”, Capella near Emerald, Sonya has a true passion for French beef.  This dedication led to her to invest several years planning a transition away from a traditional commodity-based beef business to a premium, niche branded beef business based on heritage provenance, authenticity and sustainability.  In late 2018, Sonya founded her own independent beef brand, working in partnership with leading primary producers, feedlots, processors and technology platform owners.  Sonya will launch her new venture into the domestic and export beef markets in late 2019.

Sonya’s study topic will investigate the use of effective branding to attract a premium based on the consumer’s perceived value of the product and its provenance, as opposed to merely selling beef as a commodity.  She said there has been little focused industry support available for commercial producers wanting to take a branded product to market and believes her study topic will take steps to address these knowledge gaps and help producers through this often complex and risky process.

“There is a growing appetite for producers to transition towards a more vertically integrated business, based on the principles of collaboration, authenticity and innovation,” Sonya said.

“But in order to realise the full opportunities of producer-led brands, we need to understand the nuances of different markets – both domestically and abroad – as well changing consumer trends.”

“The Nuffield Scholarship opens up a significant opportunity to collate information and develop a framework which enables farmers to fully understand the pathways and opportunities available in the beef value chain.”

Sonya will examine successful producer-led brands focusing on engagement and collaborative value-chain models. She will also explore technological innovation such as the application of Blockchain in beef value-chains throughout North America, New Zealand, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and, most notably, France.

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