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Martin Gransden – 2018 Nuffield Scholar

Martin Gransden from Orange NSW receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Wine Australia.

Martin will research alternative wine grape varieties that are either not currently or not widely grown in the Australian wine sector, which currently relies on traditional varieties from France that have been widely planted throughout most wine regions of the country.

Martin believes that while traditional varieties are important to the sector, there is potential to develop and cultivate alternatives that may be better suited to the Australian environment and consumer.

Martin is employed as a company viticulturist for Cumulus Vineyards Pty Ltd near Orange in the Central West of NSW. Here, he manages 506 hectares of cool climate vineyard. His tasks include irrigation management, pest and disease management, yield estimation, nutrition and canopy management, quality management, grafting, harvest scheduling as well as operational and capital budgeting.

Martin is of the firm view that cultivating alternative varieties of wine grapes will help increase Australia’s competitiveness in the sector.

“I think that giving wine grape growers knowledge about alternative varieties can help them deliver offerings to their consumers that they may normally look for from other countries, thus increasing the demand for Australian wine,” Martin said.

“If the Australian wine sector continues to rely solely on traditional wine grape varieties it risks losing market interest and share to other countries that are offering the consumer something new and different.”

For his study tour, Martin will travel to wine regions in Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Portugal and Spain and other growers throughout Australia.

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