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James Stacey – 2018 Nuffield Scholar

James Stacey from Strathalbyn in South Australia receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Primary Producers SA. He will investigate management practices used to combat urban growth in productive agricultural regions, titled: ‘ Growing pains, planning for future population growth’.

James operates a mixed dryland grain, irrigated Lucerne, beef and contracting enterprise.

He said he will focus on seeking ways to promote collaboration and transparency to ensure that state and local governments consult with local producers to address issues borne out of urban sprawl which impact on primary production.

“There is a huge opportunity to maintain productive agriculture and to generate downstream food processing in regions close to urban centres,” James said.

“We, as a community, need to explain the benefits of a thriving agriculture and food sector, which can co-exist alongside our regional centres and our cities. This can be achieved by sharing our stories of success and increasing dialogue between industry and government.

“We, as farmers, know the cost involved with high land prices unrelated to production capability and, as communities expand, we need to show value to the broader community in terms of what agriculture provides.”

James plans to travel to the New Zealand, USA, Canada, France and China to investigate how these different regions have overcome urban growth and the effects it has had on both agriculture and the environment.

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