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Andrew Slade – 2018 Nuffield Scholar

Andrew Slade from West Kendenup in Western Australia receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by CSBP and Integro Private Wealth.

He will investigate digital agriculture and how different sources of farm data can be integrated into common management platforms to develop better decision support tools and facilitate the uptake of new ag tech.

Andrew is the cropping and feedlot manager of his family’s 5500ha broadacre cropping and mixed livestock enterprise. In addition to this, he is stud principal of their maternal composite sheep stud.

He said the advancements in the Ag tech sector are outstripping farmers ability implement them effectively and there needs to be more thought around how these can be integrated into existing farming systems.

“Farmers are being inundated with new ag tech and management software but the lack of integration between these systems is limiting our ability to put them to good use”.

“Australian producers are constantly in a race to the bottom with regards to cost of production and digital ag tech not only has the ability to reduce costs but the data captured has the potential to provide more substantial and sustainable financial gains going forward.

“In order to improve profitability and remain competitive on a global level we need to not only look at the productivity gains that ag tech can provide but also how the data captured can be leveraged to provide a greater return for our commodities”.

Andrew will travel to New Zealand, North America and Europe.

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