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Richard Weston

Nuffield Australia 2012 scholarship winner

Richard WestonRichard Weston, from Brighton in Tasmania, received a 2012 Nuffield Scholarship sponsored by Impact Fertilisers and the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment. Richard investigated white asparagus production for the gourmet market.

He is self‐employed and produces cut flowers, olive oil and fresh produce on his property, which is situated just north of Hobart. Richard says he currently grows green asparagus but sees a great opportunity in white asparagus production.

“I feel that there is a wonderful opportunity for Tasmania to produce this gourmet product. White asparagus is highly sought after and numerous restaurants and chefs have approached me about it”.

Richard has already started investigating white asparagus production in Tasmania, acquiring white asparagus seed with plans to undertake a trial plot. He says “we currently grow Chicory, Kohlrabi and Burdock, which already puts us in a niche market for fresh produce and white asparagus production would complement our operation well”.

Richard visited Germany as it is a large producer and consumer of white asparagus.

Location: Brighton, TAS 7030
Blog:  Weston Farms produce
Scholarship report: White Asparagus Production
Returning Scholar presentation: click to view
Returning Scholar profile: click to view

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