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Nuffield Australia reports

Reports prepared by Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars are available from this website. There are three categories:

1) Scholarship reports for 2006 onwards. They can be found on the Nuffield International website.

2) Scholarship reports pre 2006. They are listed on this web site:
1950–1979 | 1980–1989 | 1990–1999 | 2000–2005

Although the pre-2006 reports are all in PDF format, many are scanned documents (i.e. image files). Therefore keyword searches will only list results from the documents’ file name, not its content.

Please note that due to a change of policy, all reports from year 2005 have been reclassified as year 2006.

3) Scholar’s other reports covering various topics such as course reports are also listed on this web site.

Guides for Scholars

>  Nuffield Scholar Resource Kit (1.8 MB)  >  Nuffield Report Writing Template (97 k)

>  Nuffield presentation template (735 k)  >  Nuffield presentation instructions (520 k)

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