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Episode list

1. Dr Kelly Manton-Pearce talks about sheepmeat supply chains.

2. 2012 Scholar Ewan McAsh on revitalising the NSW oyster industry.

3. 2012 Scholar James Walker on improving western Queensland production systems.

4. 2013 Scholar Matthew Ipsen talks about sheep reproduction systems.

5. 2013 Scholar Lachie Seears talks supply chains.

6. 2013 Scholar Joe Muscat discusses fibre crops.

7. 2013 Scholar Matt Hill on value-adding grain harvest residue.

8. 2013 scholar Paul Serle discusses biological farming systems.

9. 2013 scholar Matt Pooley talks about sustainable small-scale winery management.

10. 2013 scholar Kate Mason on connecting with consumers.

11. 2013 scholar Trent De Paoli on value adding in business.

12. 2013 scholar Guy Hebblewhite on reducing costs in business.

13. 2013 scholar Kara Knudsen discusses using genetics to improve cattle profitability.

14. 2013 scholar Jason Size on the need to improve marketing of stone fruit flavour profiles

15. 2013 scholar Antony Vagg on adding value to rice straw

16. 2013 scholar Paul Green on the economics of farm machinery manufacturing

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