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Nicola Mann

Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship winner

Nicky-MannNicola Mann, from Warnervale in New South Wales, received a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Horticulture Australia Limited using voluntary contributions from Nuffield Australia and matched funds from the Australian Government.

Nicola studied intensive hydroponic berry production within greenhouses.

Nicola and her husband are hydroponic rose growers on the Central Coast of New South Wales, producing 6000 square metres of roses and selling over a million stems a year. She is in charge of strategic planning and management, plus the sales and marketing of the roses.

With a new project underway to grow berries in a fully hydroponic and closed greenhouse system, Nicky wanted to further investigate intensive hydroponic berry production on a large commercial scale and whether the system can be combined with aquaculture.

“There are some Australian aquaponic projects producing both fish and leafy greens, like lettuce, herbs and Asian vegetables. However, none to my knowledge are combining hydroponic berries or hydroponic flowers with aquaponics and this provides huge opportunities for this type of production,” she explained.

Nicola visited the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico and Europe.

Location: Warnervale, New South Wales
Blog: Nicky Mann’s Nuffield Adventure
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