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Nick Gillett

Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship winner

Nick-GillettNick Gillett, from Bencubbin in Western Australia, received a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Nick studied innovative ways of improving crop germination and yield in a drying climate.

As co‐owner and principle manager of the family‐owned farming operation in the low‐rainfall eastern wheatbelt of WA, Nick crops over 5600 hectares of wheat and over 900 hectares of barley annually. The Gillett’s also run some sheep on the remainder of their property.

With three of his districts worst winter rainfall years on record occurring in the last ten years, Nick wanted to study how to improve wheat germination for better plant establishment in marginal conditions.

Nick had a wide range of research targets, including investigating soil moisture measuring devices, mechanical intervention to improve the seedbed and hydro‐priming of seed pre‐planting.

“I also wanted to look at pre‐treatment of seeds with salicylic acid or similar to improve the imbibition process, wheat genetics and also soil ameliorants for retaining moisture within the root zone,” he said.

To complete his studies, Nick visited India, the USA, Mexico, north Africa, Iran and South Africa.

Location: Bencubbin, Western Australia
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