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Newsletter: Vic Report

December 2019

By Matthew Ipsen, Vic Chair and 2013 Scholar

Victoria has been experiencing mixed climatic conditions throughout the year. The north west in a heavy drought, the middle part of Victoria has experienced good rain and the best start to a season for years, although frosts and lack of spring rains took the potential out of the season. The south has been very wet with farmers struggling to get onto paddocks. The east of the state had a tough year last year, and didn’t break until late, so there has been little feed for livestock. However, other than the north west, Victoria has counted itself lucky in having a good season overall.

2019 Scholarship Applications

On the back of the National Conference being held in Melbourne in 2018, as well as favourable seasonal conditions, Victoria had a successful campaign in encouraging applicants to apply for scholarships this year. We had 14 applicants, and all were interviewed as well as four coming to Melbourne to be interviewed from other states.

The very pleasing result was a high-quality calibre of individuals to choose from. Eight Victorians were sent to final, national interviews and seven were successful, with the eighth encouraged to apply again next year.

The state executive did a fantastic job in contacting candidates throughout the application period and talking them through the process. This allowed us provide feedback to them on their suggested study topics, which we further refined after state interviews. This step also allowed previous study topics to be avoided and the applicants still had the passion to research their topic.

Annual General Meeting

At 2019 Victorian AGM, 2012 Scholar Damien Murphy offered greater assistance to the committee, since stepping down from industry-based committees. He has been assigned the role of investor engagement, seeking new partners for state-based events and will be the primary contact for our Victorian scholarship investors. This was put in place to provide stability with the relationship between Nuffield Victoria and the investors and partners, add a personal touch and ensure they are getting value from investing in Nuffield in Victoria.

(Timboon Ice Creamery)

Social Day – Apostles Gourmet Food Trail

Nuffield Victoria enjoyed a social day on Sunday 29 September, around the 12 Apostles Food Artisans Gourmet Trail. Most, like 2011 Scholar Roma Britnell and her daughter travelled a short distance but 2012 Scholar Ashley Fraser, wife Pam and two sons incorporated it into their school holiday road trip. 1982 Scholar Bill Poynton and wife Judy arranged the day, which commenced with lunch at the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery. Other visits included the Timboon Cheesery, Schulz Organic Dairy, Timboon Fine Ice Cream.

(Timboon Social)

Those who attended expressed a desire for similar social days to be held around the state in the future, to provide an opportunity for the ever-increasing number of Nuffield Scholars to meet up in an informal social environment. So, suggestions are all appreciated from our Alumni!

Finally, I would like to congratulate the 2020 Scholars being awarded a Nuffield Scholarship, and the 2018 Scholars for their excellent presentations at the 2019 National Conference in Brisbane as well as finalising their academic requirements with the final written report.

I would also like to the thank the national board and local committee for all their work and involvement in Nuffield. The state chairs role has been an enjoyable experience and it has been great working with everyone involved.  2012 Scholar Ashley Fraser is currently our Vice Chair and will take on the Chair role at our next AGM in 2020.

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