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Newsletter: NT Report

By Han Shiing Siah, 2015 Scholar

December 2018

Another year is coming to end, it’s has been a busy year for Nuffield NT crew up here in the Northern part of Australia. We seen great prices and no so great prices in agriculture commodity prices.

Nuffield selection period has been busy for the Nuffield NT crew with 100% conversation from enquires to applications to interviews. I don’t think any other states can beat that! With interviews done we had 50% of our candidates shortlisted to national selections. It was a great honour to award Frank Miller a 2019 Nuffield Scholarship from forestry sector, the first to be awarded in this area. We would like to wish Frank all the best for this Nuffield journey and get out there and show how we do it up in the Territory.

NT has always had a unique investor, ever since the first NT Scholar – Ashley Severin – in 1986. The NT Government Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has always funded half a scholar every three years. Phil Hausler and his team at the NT DPI has supported Nuffield for many years and hopefully for many years to come. We have just completed the other half of a scholarship with NT Government – the Northern Territory of Australia Department of Trade Business and Innovation, lead by Luke Bowen, former NT Cattlemen CEO. This contribution will ensure that NT Government is fully supporting an NT Nuffield Scholar every three years.

It is also in Territory fashion to welcome another new Nuffield Scholar to the NT. Camilla Philip (2007 Sch)) and her partner Andrew to take up leading roles in NT Farmers to promote and develop new industries in plant based sector. It is great to boost the scholar count in the NT!
L-R: Scholars Mauro Nakata, Han Shiong Siah, Dan Richards, Camilla Philip and Frank Miller.

On Monday 19 November, we had a visit from 2018 International Nuffield Scholar, Mauro Nakata to visit Dan Richards (2016 Sch) massive and ever expanding Barramundi farm out at Middle Point. He also stopped by into my place for a quick sample of Durian fruit and Pomelo before some of us enjoyed a nice meal at Darwin Trailer Club.

I wish you all best for 2019. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. To all those 2019 scholars, congratulations on being award a Nuffield Scholarhip and go enjoy your journey which just open in front of you!

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