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Michael Lyons

Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship winner

Michael-LyonsMichael Lyons, from Charters Towers in Queensland, received a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Meat and Livestock Australia. Michael studied innovative ways of managing natural resources to create highly profitable grazing businesses.

With his wife, Michael manages the family‐owned North Queensland property ‘Wambiana’, which is 23,200 hectares and runs up to 3,500 head of Brahman cattle. The cattle business includes breeding bulls for sale, growing out steers and a cattle‐trading enterprise.

Given the declining terms of trade for beef, Michael wanted to study innovative ways of managing natural resources to produce ‘more with less’.

“On the production side I wanted to look at rotational grazing to regenerate bio-diverse pastures and investigate selection for cattle that are adapted to their environment, meaning lower input costs,” he explained.

Michael also researched complementary enterprises such as agri‐tourism, on‐farm education and training, and also ‘stacking’ enterprises where the outputs of one enterprise become the inputs of the next.

He visited South Africa, the USA and South America to complete his studies.

Location: Charters Towers, Queensland
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