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Michael Inwood – 2011 Nuffield Australia Scholar

My Nuffield experience has been everything I expected and a whole lot more. I have made lifelong friendships and attended many Nuffield events across the world. I have been exposed to extremes of agricultural scale and thinking. However, more importantly I have had the opportunity to engage with agricultural producers, researchers, consultants and politicians at every level.

I believe agricultural inputs dictate sustainability, public perceptions of the industry and the potential for agriculture to meet the ever-increasing demands of world population growth. Therefore, I investigated inputs that are in harmony with natural systems and, where possible, is inexpensive, low tech, abundant and replicable or self-replicating.

Our family farm at Glanmire, near Bathurst, is an environmentally sustainable superfine merino wool growing operation with some diversification into first cross lambs and cropping. We are also involved in an on-farm natural resource management project which focuses on sustainable agriculture including the use of solar and renewable power so my study topic was linked to this.

A major benefit of travelling the world to study is gaining a broader knowledge of the agricultural issues in other countries, and learning the methods they used to deal with them. If you’re involved in agriculture, you meet other people who are involved or have a keen interest and you get a world-wide perspective.

Every Nuffield scholar’s experience is unique but a common theme is the gaining of a truly global perspective of our industry and its place in the world. The Nuffield network worldwide opens doors to people and businesses that are rarely accessible to the individual.

The Nuffield “family” worldwide is a group of enthusiastic agriculturalists who are passionate about their industry and life and my family and I feel fortunate to have participated in the program.

Michael’s wool and cropping farm is located at Bathurst, NSW.

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