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Media profile. Colin de Grussa. 2014 Scholarship winner

Media profile. Colin de Grussa. 2014 Scholarship winner

Colin de Grussa, from Esperance in WA, has been awarded a prestigious Nuffield Scholarship, supported by CBH and CSBP. He received the award at the organisationʼs prestigious National Conference dinner last night (Thursday) at Crown Perth. Colin will research how farmers across the globe interact with government for the benefit of industry.

He works in a family owned and managed 2100 hectare farming enterprise, with a 1600 hectare cropping program consisting of wheat, barley, canola. In addition, the operation turns off around 1000 prime lambs a year.

Colin would like to investigate the ways primary producers in other nations are engaging with policymakers and the role of government in the future of agriculture.

“The intention is to identify how farmers and agribusiness can build strong, positive connections to ensure informed policy decisions are made by our politicians. Non-agricultural lobby groups are increasingly influencing politicians while farmers appear to have lost their ability to influence policy direction,” he explains.

Colin would also like to examine the way farmers and agribusinesses interact with consumers and the general population.

“Agriculture is one of the most fundamental industries in our nation, however there is also a growing disconnect between our more urbanised population and our farmers. The challenge for our industry is to be much more cohesive and promote the benefits of a strong and vibrant agricultural industry to our policy makers, consumers and potential investors,” he says.

To complete his studies, Colin would like to visit North America, the UK and a range of EU nations, to meet with farmers, lobby groups and politicians.

Charlie Perkins, CSBPʼs General Manager for Fertilisers said the company was pleased to be associated with the Nuffield Scholarships. “Iʼd like to congratulate Colin on his amazing achievement in winning this scholarship. Iʼm sure that he will make the most of his overseas study opportunities and return to WA and share what heʼs learnt with the rest of the farming community, so that everyone benefits,” Charlie said.

CBH Chairman Neil Wandel said, “We are proud to sponsor the Nuffield scholarship program, which is an important part of building capacity in rural communities by providing growers with valuable education opportunities. Itʼs so important for growers like Colin de Grussa to have the opportunity to educate themselves and their communities on whatʼs at the cutting edge of agricultural practice. This aligns with CBHʼs community investment philosophy and we are proud supporters of Nuffield,” Mr Wandel concluded.

Nuffield Australia is an organisation providing opportunities to Australian farmers to travel overseas on an agricultural research scholarship. It is a 16-week program consisting of both group and individual travel. In March 2014 we will have one group travelling through Canada, United States (California and Washington DC), Mexico, Europe, Brazil and New Zealand, while a second group will tour South Africa, Kenya, Eastern Europe, Europe and USA.

Colin is available for interviews to talk about his planned study.  Mobile: 0427 984 611

A high-resolution photo of Colin is available for download online in the 2014 Nuffield Scholar gallery

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