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Mathew Stott – 2008 Nuffield Australia Scholar

In 2008, I was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to study sub-surface drip irrigation. Water is the most valuable asset on our farm and we needed to maximise its efficiency on our high-value seed crops. Following my scholarship experience, we put in 100 hectares of sub-surface drip to trial. We also moved from producing 12 summer crops to four, simplifying our farming system and streamlining the operation.

During the scholarship period I travelled to 10 different countries. This challenged me to look at our business differently and I grew both personally and professionally. The Global Focus Tour is the greatest farming tour I have ever experienced.

I view a Nuffield Scholarship as the tertiary education that I didn’t have. I have made lifelong friends and gained a better understanding of global agriculture, which has opened my eyes to more opportunities for my business.

Nuffield is like a global family that allows you to network all over the world. The experience does not end once you have completed your study as each scholar freely shares information or best practice at conferences and tours. A Nuffield Scholarship is something that I highly recommend to anyone passionate about agriculture. I hate to use cliché’s but it will change your business and yourselves for the better – as it has certainly done for me.

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