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Mark Groat

Nuffield Australia 2017 Scholarship winner


Mark Groat, from Beelbangera (near Griffith) in New South Wales, receives a 2017 Nuffield Scholarship in recognition of his work on rice. This award is supported by the AgriFutures.

Mark plans to increase his knowledge and expertise to enable him to be instrumental in the expansion of the rice industry in Australia, in temperate and tropical areas.

He will investigate water efficiency in rice production and how Australia compares to other rice growing areas of the world, focusing on what can be learned from other countries and where the opportunities are at both the grower and industry level.

“The rice industry in Australia has a skilled labour force of over 2000 people in regional communities and investments tied up in storage, drying and processing infrastructure. A consistent supply of top quality Australian rice is essential to continued development and the ability to grow valuable key markets.”

“This depends on water, and in the southern connected basin of the Murray and Murrumbidgee River Systems, water supply is not only very variable one year to the next, but is also a tradable commodity that goes to the highest bidder. This means that supply of rice is not only tied to water values, but also the price of crops competing for the same water.”

“Water use efficiency is therefore the key to sustained rice production.”

“Water variability means this is a very challenging time in the Australian rice industry but is also a great opportunity for producers and the industry. The way we manage our water is the key.”

Mark will use his scholarship to travel to Brazil, Uruguay, the United States, Thailand, Philippines, India and China.

Mark owns and manages a 350-hectare irrigation farm producing rice, winter cereals and sheep.  He has experience in irrigation layout and design, and water efficiency projects throughout the southern connected basin. Mark also works for Sunrice in an agronomy/extension role.

Mark lives near Griffith and is married to Michele. They have four daughters, Emma, Molly, Sally and Rebecca.

Location: Beelbangera, New South Wales
Mobile: 0427 686 966
Scholarship report:
Returning Scholar presentation: Watch video

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