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Lester Marshall – 2008 Nuffield Australia Scholar

I was fortunate to obtain a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2007 and my study topic was focused on how to develop a regional brand.

This topic was linked directly into my aquaculture farming business, which is based at Coffin Bay on the Eyre Peninsula, where I have been oyster farming for 20 years.

Having started my farming career on the land, producing milk, beef, lamb, wool and grain, I shifted into the aquaculture industry in the late 1980’s. I have built the business from nothing to some 350 tonnes of oysters per year, distributed to major markets both nationally and internationally.

My scholarship was a truly remarkable experience where I travelled to 15 different countries. I have made lifelong friends and gained greater knowledge and understanding of global agriculture and the development of regional brands. This has led to my involvement as Director of the Eyre Regional Development Board and developing a regional brand for this region, in addition to brand development for my own business.

As I witness the rise of global culinary tourism, I am now in the process of writing a seafood story book that describes the aroma, texture and flavors of our seafood from Eyre Peninsula, ‘Australia’s seafood frontier’.

A Nuffield Farming Scholarship is a terrific experience and I strongly recommend the program to those in the agriculture and aquaculture industries.

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