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Lachlan Green. 2016 Scholarship winner

Lachlan Green. 2016 Scholarship winner

Lachlan Green, from Lake Fyans in Victoria’s Grampians Mountains, has received a Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship supported by the Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL).

He will study strategies for reducing stress in free range hens.

Lachlan oversees the Green Eggs free range egg business on his family’s 1450-hectare farm, which also produces beef, lamb, wool and hay. The egg enterprise consists of 36,000 free range hens producing 210,000 eggs per week, which are graded, packed and supplied to restaurants, cafes and farmers’ markets across Melbourne and wider Victoria.

According to Lachlan, in a free range egg production system it can be challenging to reduce hen stress from natural, social or physical issues.

“If it’s not managed, hen stress can lead to feather pecking, declining health, higher mortalities, increased shedding of Salmonella and/or reduced egg production and quality,” he says.

“However, there is a lack of information for farmers and related industries about its causes, management and prevention techniques.

“Through my scholarship, I will investigate how other countries handle hen stress and then I can help to develop best practices for Australian farmers so we can maintain our market competitiveness and increase productivity and profitability.”

Lachlan plans to travel to Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The AECL is pleased to support Lachlan Green as a 2016 Nuffield Scholar. AECL Managing Director James Kellaway said it’s a valuable investment in the further development of the egg industry.

“Nuffield Australia is at the forefront of developing future industry leaders, and we’re excited by what Lachlan will bring to the industry through his scholarship and into the future.”

Nuffield Australia chief executive officer Jim Geltch said Nuffield now boasted more than 350 scholars in Australia who, through their scholarship global study tours, had significant insight into global agricultural production systems.

“We are building capacity for the nation’s food and fibre industries to be world leaders in the adoption of technology, best practice and innovation,” he said.

“Nuffield Scholars are influencing industry and community changes, resulting in agricultural productivity increases and economic development for rural communities.

“The Nuffield experience adds new dimensions to the way scholars think about the economic, environmental and social aspects of global food production.

“Engagement and investment in capacity building and talent development in agriculture is critical as the global population continues to escalate and the amount of land available for food production shrinks.”

Scholars undertake a 16-week program of group and individual travel.

Global Focus Program tours will visit several countries in March/April or June/July 2016, including New Zealand, Brazil, the United States of America, Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Eastern Europe, Singapore, India, Qatar, Turkey, France, the Philippines, China, Canada or Ireland (itineraries will vary between groups).

Applications for Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships open in April each year to Australian primary producers and managers who seek to research a topic important to them and to Australian agriculture.

Lachlan is available to talk about his planned travel and can be contacted on:

Phone: 0427 029 109 Email:

Media contact:
Justine Mackay, Cox Inall Communications
P: 0435 325 954; E:

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