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Keshav Timalsena

Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship winner

Keshav-TimalsenaKeshav Timalsena, from Armidale in New South Wales, was awarded a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Woolworths.

He researched the use of semi‐close glasshouses to maximise tomato production while minimising inputs and waste.

Keshav is employed as senior grower manager of Costa Group an hydroponic tomato producer with 20 hectares of production under glass. The company produces over 12 million kilograms of truss tomatoes and over a million kilograms of cocktail tomatoes annually and supplies major supermarket chains.

Keshav says there is an opportunity in the Australian industry to modernise glasshouses, resulting in higher yields while reducing environmental impact.

“There is new technology in the US/Europe called semi‐close module greenhouses, which have a very clean environmental footprint.

“In this system, carbon dioxide produced from burning natural gas is retained within the greenhouse ‐ this air is recycled and not released to the atmosphere as in typical glasshouse operations,” he explains.

Once this new technology is established in Australia, Keshav believes it will help his industry maximise yields while reducing environmental impacts.

Keshav’s travel itinerary included the USA, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and New Zealand.

Location: Armidale, New South Wales
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