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Kara Knudsen

Nuffield Australia 2013 scholarship winner


Kara Knudsen, from Mundubbera in Queensland, received a 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by Meat and Livestock Australia. Kara investigated large scale artificial insemination (AI) techniques for northern cattle herds.

Kara and her husband Darcy run 1500 Santa Gertrudis breeders on 18,000 acres at Mundubbera, and have a further 82,000 acres of Mitchell/Downs country, with up to 4,000 head run mostly as a trading operation. They also contract hay bale and have a station road grading service.

For Kara, slow genetic progress in the majority of northern cattle herds prompted her to study AI on the large scale needed in the region. “If the industry is going to survive, then genetic improvements and better reproductive performance has shown to be a dominating factor in farm profitability.

“If we could multiply superior genetics quickly and at a low cost, the northern beef industry will again have a promising future,” Kara observed.

She focused on fixed time AI, embryo transfer (ET), and ultrasound techniques and services that can be replicated on a large scale.

“To offer these services and to overcome the different problems associated with the environment, and our labour costs here in Australia, I needed to have a very good understanding of the subject” she says.

“In Brazil and Argentina the scale of operation is massive, so to see the equipment, yards and setup used to handle this was invaluable,” she concludes.

Location: Mundubbera, QLD, 4626
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