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Jodie Redcliffe

Nuffield Australia 2013 scholarship winner

Jodie Redcliffe, from Wamuran in Queensland, received a 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by the Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation. Jodie studied alternatives for poultry house flooring, including litter reuse.

With her husband Wayne, Jodie owns and operates a commercial broiler operation with 250,000 birds contracted to Inghams Queensland. Currently the majority of the Australian broiler industry uses wood shavings as bedding material in poultry sheds, with the mixture of sawdust and manure that is generated then on-sold as fertiliser or further processed into a fertiliser mix. However, as Jodie explains, there are several issues looming for the industry.

“A shortage of shavings has made it one of our highest input costs, higher even than electricity and labour in some instances, and the resultant product perhaps could be further processed to achieve better returns. I also think we could maybe reduce the need for fresh shavings by more efficient ways of windrowing for composting,” Jodie says.

Jodie used her Nuffield Scholarship to investigate alternatives to shavings as bedding, taking into account cost efficiency and practicality. In addition, she hoped to find ways to use existing bedding sources more efficiently to reduce costs and ease supply shortages.

To achieve this, Jodie travelled to the southern states of America, the UK and Europe and South America.

Location: Wamuran, QLD, 4512
Blog: Nuff Notes: Adventures in Agriculture
Scholarship report: Something to Crow About: What can poultry farmers do to answer consumer perceptions and pressures facing our industry?
Returning Scholar presentation: watch on video
Returning Scholar profile: click to view

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