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Jessica Pitkin

Nuffield Australia 2017 Scholarship winner


Jessica Pitkin from Singleton in New South Wales, receives a 2017 Nuffield Scholarship supported by RIRDC/Chicken Meat Research Committee. She will investigate environmental sustainability and a whole systems approach within the poultry industry, with a specific focus on alternative bedding sources and spent litter utilisation.

Jessica is currently employed as a broiler serviceman for Baiada Poultry, working with broiler Turkeys. Prior to her employment with Baiada, she ran a small scale chicken business growing heritage and layer breeds for people who wanted their own poultry.

In her role at Baiada, Jessica is responsible for overseeing and assisting growers within her region to produce a high quality bird. She also ensures that farms are compliant with Baiada and government standards.

“Australia’s poultry industry is structured differently to other countries. Our broiler industry is dominated by several large companies that have long term contractual agreements. Litter and feed stuffs are often sourced from long distances and sometimes overseas.

“Although the poultry industry is said to have the lowest carbon footprint in comparison to other intensive industries, I believe there is still room for improvement,” she says.

“A whole systems approach as used in other primary industries may be a way of addressing issues around transport, fuel and electricity.

“For example the waste from intensively farmed pigs and rabbits plus cattle in feed lots are contributing to the production of electricity on farms, alternate sources of heating are being used in cooler Australian climates.

“Integrating some of these practices into Australian farms may help improve not only the industry’s environmental impact but also the positive effect on producers’ bottom line.”

Jessica will travel to the USA to visit poultry shed ventilation experts and whole systems farming in action. She will also travel to Europe and China.

Location: Branxton, New South Wales
Mobile: 0415 200 929
Scholarship report:
Returning Scholar presentation: Watch video

Jessica Pitkin is supported by Agrifutures Australia


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