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Jemma Sadler

Nuffield Australia 2012 scholarship winner

Jemma SadlerJemma Sadler, from Wongan Hills in Western Australia, received a 2012 Nuffield Scholarship sponsored by the Grains Research and Development Corporation. Jemma studied profitable cropping with sustainable weed management, an issue she sees as an increasing problem in the WA wheatbelt.

She works on her family’s mixed livestock and cropping property in partnership with her brother and father. They have a 4500 hectare cropping program consisting of wheat, canola, barley and lupins as well as 3000 breeding ewes.

Jemma gained an insight into how farmers and farming groups around the world are dealing with increasing opposition to chemical use and genetically modified (GM) technology saying, “I investigated how other countries are handling the integration of GM growers with non‐GM growers, and how these different farming practices can co‐exist amicably.”

She adds, “although I believe Australia is a world leader in research into integrated weed management, I saw how other countries are profitably controlling their weeds, without the use of herbicides.”

Jemma traveled to Europe, the USA, Canada and South America.

Location: Wongan Hills, WA 6603
Blog: Jems Jottings blog
Scholarship report: Sustainable weed management …
Returning Scholar presentation: click to view
Returning Scholar profile: click to view

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