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Jason Size

Nuffield Australia 2013 scholarship winner

Jason Size, from Loxton in South Australia, received a 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by Woolworths. Jason focused on linking consumer eating patterns to stonefruit flavour profiles and retail marketing strategies.

Currently self-employed in a partnership with his wife and parents-in-law, Jason’s primary business is growing fresh market stonefruit. He is involved with two companies that help sell and pack the end product, supplying fruit from various growers to customers around the capital cities of Australia and overseas. Part of Jason’s role is as a varietal evaluator, and he has found in the last couple of years there is an increased emphasis on flavour.

“The more I continue to research and evaluate varieties, the more intrigued I am in accurately defining flavour. My aim is to develop a way to assist growers and breeders in identifying varieties that satisfy flavour parameters and meet consumer demand,” Jason explains.

In addition, he hoped to understand supply chain relationships and how consumer satisfaction impacts on varietal selection at the farm level. He visited France, North America and Israel during his study.

Location: Berri, SA, 5343
Blog: My Nuffield travels
Scholarship report: Understanding and utilization of flavour parameters in stone fruit
Returning Scholar presentation: watch on video
Returning Scholar profile: click to view

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