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James Walker

Nuffield Australia 2012 scholarship winner

James WalkerJames Walker, from Longreach in Queensland, received a 2012 Nuffield Scholarship sponsored by Australian Wool Innovation. James studied intensive breeding systems which maximise sheep production and fertility.

He is managing director of Wakefield Grazing, a family‐operated grazing business located in Longreach and Isisford with a five year production charter based on sheepmeat, wool and lamb production. They currently run 15,000 sheep and are targeting 30,000 ewes in five years.

With the national flock dwindling to below 70 million head, James believes there is a great need to rebuild flock numbers by moving from observation to real time measureable data management. He says a major focus for his study was on breeding cycles, which for many enterprises centres on annual wool harvesting.

James believes this is an inflexible system that could be improved by capitalising on the polyestrus trait of ewes and speeding up the lamb‐to‐lamb interval with remote weight and health management.

He traveled to Europe, the US, South America, China and India.

Location: Longreach, QLD 4730
Blog: Walzting Jumbuck blog
Scholarship report: click to view
Returning Scholar presentation: watch on video
Returning Scholar profile: click to view

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