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James Mifsud

Nuffield Australia 2015 Scholarship winner

James Mifsud, from Goulburn in New South Wales, received a Nuffield Scholarship supported by the RIRDC Chicken Meat Program. He studied animal welfare standards in the poultry industry.

James produces around 140-thousand turkeys a year in six sheds on his 160-hectare property. The family owned operation produces the turkeys in 2.7 batches per annum, meaning each batch cycle is 20 weeks. Poults are delivered as day olds and reared to a processor-specified market weight. Hens weigh on average 4-7 kilograms whilst the toms are 14-17 kilograms.

The enterprise also includes a 60-head herd of Angus breeders and they sell and contract spread turkey manure and other fertilisers.

James used his scholarship to investigate how costs of poultry production and consumption trends are affected by higher welfare standards.

“I wanted to understand the level of uptake by consumers of the higher welfare poultry versus standard grown.

“In addition, I was interested in the drivers behind the implementation of higher welfare standards and the effect it has on farm production costs,” he explains.

James toured North America and the EU to research his topic.

Location: Goulburn, New South Wales
Scholarship report:
Returning Scholar presentation: watch video
Returning Scholar profile:

James was supported by the RIRDC Chicken Meat Program


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