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James Dempster

Nuffield Australia 2016 Scholarship winner

James Dempster from Mingenew in Western Australia received a Nuffield scholarship supported by Grains Research and Development Corporation (Western region).

He has studied innovative ways to expand the family farm to add to existing options like buying more farm land.

In particular, James has investigated the factors that make for a successful relationship between potential investors and the family farm business, opportunities to diversify the farming business and the concept of collaborative farming.

In partnership with his parents and brother, James manages a 6,200-hectare mixed crop and livestock property, with 5,200 hectares of wheat, canola and lupins in rotation, and a self-replacing Merino flock for wool and meat production.

“Traditionally, broadacre farming businesses have looked to expand by buying more land”, he says.

“But this is risky due to the large capital outlay, diminishing terms of trade and climatic uncertainty”

“My aim was to explore how the skills and experience of local farmers can be harnessed to attract business partners and / or new capital from investors”

James visited Canada, the UK, The Netherlands, the USA, New Zealand and Brazil.

He plans to use the insights gained from his scholarship experience to potentially implement new businesses structures on his property and share his knowledge with others within the industry.

Location: Mingenew, Western Australia
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