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Guy Hebblewhite

Nuffield Australia 2013 scholarship winner


Guy Hebblewhite, from Tamworth in New South Wales, received a 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by the RIRDC Chicken Meat Program. Guy studied broiler management and cost reduction in his business using renewables.

With his family, Guy grows meat chickens under contract to Steggles across two northern NSW properties and also produces premium compost from chicken manure, which is sold to croppers and graziers. In addition the family runs a beef and sheep enterprise.

Tackling increasing costs in his business is a critical issue and Guy believes solutions may be found in renewable technologies to reduce electricity, gas and chicken bedding materials.

“I wanted to get a greater understanding of world’s best farming practices in these areas, resulting in increased efficiency in our poultry operation,” Guy says.

In addition, he investigated the potential for value-adding the chicken litter produced on their property, as well as shed odour reduction technologies.

“By viewing the latest designs and technology from around the world, I wanted to bring back knowledge and ideas to help other chicken growers across the country,” Guy concluded.

Guy’s travel plans included the USA and South America, where a large proportion of the world’s chicken meat is produced, as well as Europe and Asia.

Location: Tamworth, NSW, 2340
Scholarship report: Broiler Management and Cost Reduction using Renewable Energy
Returning Scholar presentation: watch on video
Returning Scholar profile: click to view

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