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Graeme Nicoll – 2010 Nuffield Australia Scholar

A Nuffield scholarship is an investment in yourself and your business that will pay back tenfold. The opportunity that the Nuffield Scholarship provides in gaining a deeper understanding of global agricultural issues has enabled me to put our own business and Australian agriculture into a global perspective.

The broad network of farmers, researchers and others developed through my Nuffield travels exposed me to a diverse range of issues and experiences. For many years I considered a travel scholarship. While it never seemed the ‘right time’ I am thrilled I chose to pursue this opportunity. Travelling on the Global Focus Program developed lifelong friendships and was a great way to begin the Nuffield scholarship year. To travel the world to pursue your subject of interest with a network of contacts is a life changing experience and one not to be missed.

The Nuffield experience has provided me with a tremendous breadth of insights and understandings. Most importantly it has encouraged me to continually question and seek answers to our ever changing agricultural sector.

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