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Fiona Hall

Nuffield Australia 2015 Scholarship winner

Fiona Hall, from Orange in New South Wales, received a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Horticulture Australia Limited using voluntary contributions from Apple and Pear Australia Limited and matching funds from the Australian Government. She studied innovation to close the gap between producer and retailer profits.

Fiona is managing director of Caernarvon Cherry Co, a holistic cherry growing, packing and marketing operation, which in the 2013/14 season handled 1000-tonne of fruit – equating to 10 per cent of the Australian crop. Also, Fiona & Bernard Hall co-own (with Tim Hall) Bonny Glen Fruits, growing apples over four properties located around Orange and two cold storage properties where they pack market apples for themselves and other growers under their ‘BiteRiot’ brand.

She used her Nuffield Scholarship to investigate how to close the gap between farmgate and retail returns in the apple and cherry industries.

“Our industry adds three times the value of our crop in packing, processing and sorting – I wanted to look at how we can achieve more value at the farmgate for producers.

“To understand this I needed to study how large packhouses rationalise, streamline, become more transparent, value-add, improve packing, market, use real-time reporting and of course innovate,” she says.

Fiona visited the UK, USA, China and New Zealand during her studies.

Location: Orange, New South Wales
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