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Felicity McLeod

Nuffield Australia 2017 Scholarship winner


Felicity McLeod receives a 2017 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Australian Wool Innovation.

She oversees her family owned property, Tor Downs, which is situated halfway between Broken Hill and Wentworth on the Great Anabranch Creek in NSW.

Felicity will investigate how to increase income potential through diversification in Far-Western wool enterprises, looking at utilisation of the natural resource base, flexibility in species mix and multi species infrastructure to help woolgrowers looking to improve whole-farm profitability, productivity and sustainability.

Tor Downs Station is 101 000 acres and is currently carrying 90% of the company’s Merino flock and 50% of its cattle. The three family owned properties – Coombah, Popio and Tor Downs – total an area of approximately 300,000 acres. It also turns off a significant number of rangeland goats annually.

By learning more about the entire farm system involved in the whole wool supply chain as part of her scholarship, Felicity hopes to improve staff health, safety and retention, animal health, business bottom line, quality, and total grazing pressure.

“I believe that by ensuring producers are aware of the best practices available to suit their enterprise, supply and product consistency could be significantly improved, thereby increasing income.”

Felicity has a proven track record of commitment to the Australian farming industry.

“I participate in various committees to help improve the agricultural industry.

“I intend to continue my committee involvement into the future, and contribute to the increased success of the wool industry. With the implementation of new farming technologies, such as remote water monitoring, this will allow me to participate in off farm travel and committee work.”

Felicity will travel to South America as part of her scholarship.


Location: Wentworth, New South Wales
Mobile: 0429 198 958
Scholarship report:
Returning Scholar presentation: Watch video

Felicity McLeod is supported by:

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