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Eligibility, Tenure and Value


The Scholarships are open to men and women, who are:

1. Between 28-45 years of age. (Please note that exceptional candidates outside this age range will be considered);

2. Ordinarily a resident of Australia;

3. Engaged in farming or fishing as an owner or manager or an active member of a farming business; and

4. Intending to remain involved in primary production in Australia.

All scholars will be expected to present their findings verbally, and write a comprehensive report of their studies. This report remains the property of Nuffield Australia and may be published at Nuffield Australia’s discretion.

Scholarship Components

1. 2019 Nuffield National Conference is a chance to meet the Nuffield network and agri-business leaders, receive a briefing about the program and formally be awarded the scholarship. Held in September annually.

2. 2020 Contemporary Scholars Conference is a week-long program for all newly-selected scholars from around the world. Scholars build networks and consider international trade and policy issues affecting agriculture. It is a truly cultural and ambassadorial experience where leadership skills are enhanced. Held in March annually.

3. 2020 Global Focus Programs offer a six-week, group travel experience spent in various countries across three continents. Scholars select one of six programs to investigate agricultural marketing, trade, environmental issues and experience social and cultural aspects of each region. Three groups travel March/April and three groups travel in June/July annually.

4. 2020-21 Individual Study Program enables scholars to travel to countries of choice to study their chosen topic, between June and January annually.

5. Both written and Verbal Reporting is a requirement of the scholarship and these are completed following the 16-weeks of research. Reports are due in writing within ten months of the commencement of the GFP, and verbally at the National Conference.

Value of the Award

Financial assistance to the value of $30,000 (subject to conditions) is provided to cover costs associated with the study period. Nuffield will withhold some funding as an assurance on the submission of an approved report.

        Likely costs exceeding this value must be met by the scholar.

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