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David Cook

Nuffield Australia 2013 scholarship winner

David Cook, from Pine Lodge in Victoria, received a 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by The William Buckland Foundation. David investigated rotation/cover crops including nutrient availability and fertiliser application methods.

David is a self-employed farmer with a wheat, canola and faba bean rotation on his 1105 hectare farm. He converted from a mixed farming operation a few years ago to his current full time cropping operation.

Having seen crop rotations in many areas of Australia narrow in the last decade as a result of droughts and a subsequent lack of confidence in production capacity and profitability, David made a decision several years ago to give his operation more flexibility.

“I converted our seeding operation in 2009 to a full stubble retention system and then started looking at the possibility of opportunistic summer crops, to both increase the seeding window, and to increase the number of crops in our rotation,” David explained.

He used his Nuffield scholarship to gain a better understanding of the relationship between crop rotations and nutrient availability under different farming systems and how they are relevant to Australian systems.

He also assessed alternative fertiliser strategies, including fertiliser type, application timing and equipment and visited Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland, the US and Canada.

Location: Pine Lodge, VIC, 3631
Blog: The ramblings of a Nuffield Scholar
Scholarship report: written report
Returning Scholar presentation: watch on video
Returning Scholar profile: click to view

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