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Dan Richards. 2016 Nuffield Scholar

Nothing can prepare you fully for the experience of being a selected as a Nuffield Scholar! The diversity of experiences you encounter as you go through your scholarship process will change you profoundly.  The way you look at the world and the people around will never be the same again! Your fellow scholars will inspire you with their own experiences and insights as you are surrounded by some of the world’s great farming thinkers. You will meet people farming in ways and places that you had not imagined possible.  You will encounter ideas around agriculture that are foreign to your understanding of the world and this will expand your own thinking greatly. For many, the experience of the travel both together through your Global Focus Program and alone on your personal research will give you confidence to tackle new challenges in your stride.  You will learn things about yourself and others that will stay with you for a lifetime. At the same time you will learn that across the world farmers face common challenges and learning how others have faced their issues will give you fresh insight to tackle your own. A Nuffield Farming Scholarship is designed to challenge, stretch and grow you as an individual and as a key contributor to your industry.  Personally I can say that it has done all this and more.

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