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Damian Murphy

Nuffield Australia 2012 scholarship winner

Damian MurphyDamian Murphy, from Dumbalk North in Victoria, received a 2012 Nuffield Scholarship sponsored by the Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation. Damian investigated the different finance schemes in place around the world which young farmers use to start building their asset in agriculture.

With his wife Trudy and boys Shem, Caleb and Luke, Damian sharefarms on his parents property, milking 270 cows on 102 hectares of milking area with out blocks to support this.

While there is a Young Farmer Finance Scheme in Victoria, Damian would like to see a more dynamic program, saying “I hope my study will allow me to design a scheme that covers the finance needs of young entrants to agriculture right through to the possibilities of equity partnerships and farm ownership.”

“Finance is relevant to nearly every farmer no matter what commodity they produce. For the next generation of farmers the amount of equity needed to be in a position to purchase a farm can be quite daunting – of course this does not mean it can’t be done but is becoming harder” Damian says.

Damian traveled through Europe, the US, South America and New Zealand.

Location: Dumbalk North, VIC 3956
Scholarship report:  Young Farmer finance schemes

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