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Claire Osborn Booth

Nuffield Australia 2017 Scholarship winner

Claire Osborn Booth from Geurie (near Dubbo) in New South Wales, receives a 2017 Nuffield Scholarship supported by Rabobank. Claire is investigating two aspects in the transfer of farming businesses and their assets, mainly:

– The outcomes for farming families where businesses focused on transferring knowledge between the generations, rather than the current model where family members tend to focus on the transfer of wealth and decision making roles.

– The role of financial literacy within the farming sector, and the role financial and business literacy played in assisting farmers enter, expand, scale and retire throughout their farming career

Claire and her husband Brendan are the first generation owners of the mixed farming business “Booth Agriculture”, established in 2012. Booth Agriculture produces high quality horticulture, grains and seed crops. A separate livestock enterprise was established to mitigate the risks associated with cropping and Booth Agriculture breeds Angus cattle and trades sheep and cattle dependent on market conditions. Claire is responsible for strategic planning and human resources, and also works part-time in Dubbo as a solicitor specialising in estate planning, tax and commercial law for businesses.

Claire believes there are numerous options available to the retiring generation of farmers and the generations entering and expanding into the Australian agricultural sector.

“As a solicitor specialising in succession and estate planning, we see some families transition between the generations with ease, yet for others, the process can lead to broken families forever. I wanted to understand what separated these two groups of farming families and what role (if any) financial and business literacy played in the transfer process” she said.

Claire will investigate alternative methods of entry and expansion for farming families.

“How do Australian family farming businesses go from good to great? What alternative options are available and how can we bring these to the table to create better outcomes for farming families in the transition between the generations?”

Claire looks forward to travelling to New Zealand, the USA and Canada on her personal travels to meet with successful farming businesses who have hurdled the challenges of entry and succession in their farming businesses.

Location: Geurie, New South Wales
Mobile: 0423 507 006
Scholarship report:
Returning Scholar presentation: Watch video

Claire Booth is supported by:

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