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Christine Ferguson – 2010 Nuffield Australia Scholar

Stepping out of the paddock and suiting up for a Nuffield scholarship requires a shift in perspective and an extension of ourselves that would be almost impossible to achieve any other way.

During my Nuffield scholarship I found myself talking with members of the Committee on Agriculture in the US House of Representatives in Washington DC, discussing grazing research at universities across the world, sharing fermented mares milk and pictures from home with nomadic herders in Mongolia, comparing cattle prices with the Masai in Kenya, herding a mob of cattle, sheep and goats at the African Centre for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe, discussing share grazing structures with the elite of dairy farming in Ireland and learning about land management from the grazing gurus in southern Africa, amongst so much more.

A Nuffield Scholarship simply requires an open, enquiring mind and a big dose of effort. The benefits to yourself, your business and your family are exceptional and ongoing.

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