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Bryan Granshaw

Nuffield Australia 2012 scholarship winner

Bryan Granshaw, from Dalbeg in Queensland, received the 2012 Nuffield Scholarship sponsored by the Sugar Research and Development Corporation. He researched how to get more out of the natural biology and synergies existing within our soils.

Bryan is a third generation farmer on his family’s property, where he works in partnership with his brother and father. They are predominantly sugarcane growers, however also rotate with legume crops such as soybeans and mungbeans. Soil health forms the foundation of their farming system, and it’s this passion that has driven Bryan to his Nuffield research topic.

As sugarcane is a perennial crop, and is in the ground for up to five years, Bryan and his family face a unique ongoing monoculture issues saying, “to try and address this we in the past have grown a sacrificial soybean crop intercropped with sugarcane, which showed encouraging results but also threw up new challenges.”

Bryan was keen to learn how farmers in North America, South Africa and India manage two different crops when intercropping, as he believes a lack of knowledge on this system is a big impediment for his industry.

Location: Dalberg, QLD 4807
Blog: Bryan’s Journey
Scholarship report: click to view
Returning Scholar profile: click to view
Returning Scholar presentation: click to view

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