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Bob Nixon

Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship winner

Bob-NixonBob Nixon from Kalannie in Western Australia, received a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation. Bob studied techniques and crop rotations to cope with a drying climate.

In partnership with his family, Bob runs a broadacre cropping and livestock property within the low rainfall district of the central wheatbelt, receiving an annual rainfall of 300mm.

Their cropping program consists of 9000 hectares wheat, 1500 hectares canola, 1000 hectares barley and they also run 2000 Merino ewes mated to Merino/Samm rams.

Bob was particularly interested in adding low‐risk diversity to their crop rotation. He investigated making low cost canola profitable in the local environment.

“I wanted to study a range of options, including managing off patent, low‐cost herbicides for weed control, retaining seed, how to mitigate direct heading seed loss, plant densities and row spacing, as well as the potential for GM traits such as a ‘drought guard gene’,” he said.

Bob visited Canada, the USA and the Middle East to complete his studies.

Location: Kalannie, Western Australia
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