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Bob Nixon. 2014 Nuffield Scholar

There are always plenty of excuses given for why any of us can’t find the time to do a Nuffield Scholarship. But make the most of life and its opportunities as this is not a rehearsal. There’s never a perfect time, so I encourage you to apply and you will never look back!

2014 was a life changing year for me. Firstly, the Global Focus Program, which involved travelling the world with a group of scholars with diverse backgrounds in primary production. That experience provided a big picture on global agricultural trends. From there, I embarked on my own ten weeks of individual travel researching my topic ‘Mitigating risk in a dry and variable climate’.

The challenge of removing myself from the family business for an extended time gave great perspective to evaluate my role and the dynamics of our set-up.  Nuffield provides a growing opportunity – understanding the world changing around you and being inspired by other industry people and practices, while keeping in sight the basics of your business at home. I thank Nuffield and my investor for this opportunity.

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