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Bernadette Mortensen

Nuffield Australia 2015 Scholarship winner

Bernadette-MortensenBernadette Mortensen, from Mangrove Mountain in New South Wales, received a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Woolworths. She investigated how farmers can manage urban encroachment, unfavourable public perception and legislative change.

Bernadette is owner/operator of a 12-hectare farm, producing 210-thousand birds per year in two conventional free-range chicken sheds and growing avocados on 350 trees that have been planted on approximately four hectares to diversify the business. She is also part of a family agricultural group producing 1.2 million free-range broilers per year, avocados and a growing herd of Angus cattle.

With a passion for agriculture and food production, Bernadette wanted to study the increasing outside pressures Australian agriculture is under.

“I wanted to explore other parts of the world where industry is dealing with issues like unfavourable public perception, legislative change and urban encroachment,” she says.

“I could see an opportunity to capitalise on innovation and technology from more heavily populated countries that have been under similar pressures for considerable amounts of time,” she explains.

To do this she visited China, Singapore, USA, Mexico, the UK and Denmark.

Location: Mangrove Mountain, New South Wales
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