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Ben Ralston

Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship winner

Ben-RalstonBen Ralston from Batemans Bay in New South Wales, received a 2014 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Ben studied educating Australian restaurant owners/chefs and retailers in serving and handling oysters, creating better links through the supply chain to the benefit of farmers and consumers.

Ben is an oyster farmer on the South Coast of New South Wales, where he produces 80 thousand dozen oysters annually on 10 hectares. He is self‐employed and responsible for all aspects of his business, including marketing, sales, finances, compliance and regulation.

His vision is to see Australian restaurants and the wider community order live oysters direct from farmers, shucking and serving the oyster meat in its own natural juice, a common practice overseas.

Ben believes oysters are at their best when they go direct from farm to retailer, giving value to the consumer and more profit for the farmer.

“Using my Nuffield Scholarship, I experienced first‐hand how overseas industries handle demand for their product and sell oysters live ‐ this knowledge can be brought back not just to the farmers but the chefs and restaurants that sell our oysters,” he explains.

Ben visited Europe, the UK and Hong Kong on his travels.

Location: Batemans Bay, New South Wales
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