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Ben Edser

Nuffield Australia 2016 Scholarship winner

Ben Edser, from Brisbane, received a Nuffield Scholarship supported by the RIRDC Chicken Meat Program.

He investigated how intensive livestock production operations can more effectively and efficiently manage waste and whether their bio-products can be optimised. This included use as an organic fertiliser and soil conditioner and whether there are opportunities for these by-products to be feasibility used as an input into a renewable energy system, primarily for anaerobic digestion and biogas generation. He also studied alternative bedding in poultry sheds.

Ben works for a group that is diversified across the agricultural sector, an expert in operations and funds management. His investigations into waste from poultry and other intensive livestock operations also included the potential to reduce operational costs. This included analysing American and European technologies and their suitability to Australian farming systems and supporting environment.

He also analysed the commerciality of such proposal with reference to the political environment. He also examined the suitability of solar as an energy and cost offset mechanism as well as income opportunity.

“When looking at the poultry industry, the largest operational cost outside of labour is fresh litter, gas and electricity, but herein also lies the opportunity” he says.

“I hope my research assists the development of better waste management systems and identifies opportunities for cost offset or reductions and alternative income streams through advancements in renewable energy technologies.

Ben travelled to China, Europe and the USA.

Location: Brisbane, Queensland
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