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Antony Vagg

Nuffield Australia 2013 scholarship winner

Antony Vagg, from Moama in New South Wales, received a 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by RIRDC and the Rice R&D Committee. Antony studied rice stubble management.

The family operation, Amaloo Pastoral Co, comprises three adjoining properties with around 400 hectares of rice and 1000 hectares of winter cereals, oil and pulse crops, of which approximately a third is under irrigation. The company also runs sheep on an opportunistic scale.

For Antony, the focus of his Nuffield scholarship has been how to deal with the extensive stubble load created by rice in Australia and what options and methods can be utilised to combat the current widespread practice of burning to eliminate stubble trash.

“The main issue is the straw or stubble created by rice is difficult to break down and too thick to sow through as the yield is generally greatly excessive compared to cereal crops,” Antony explains.

“The added issue is that the stubble has no time to break down as it is generally been sown through within a month of harvest. The obvious solution has been to cut and burn the stubble, however this will create issues in the future with carbon emission standards and burning restrictions,” Antony adds.

His study aimed to find alternative solutions for stubble load management and how to better utilize the straw, with visits to the USA, India, Spain and the UK completed.

Location: Moama, NSW, 273
Blog: Nuffield Travel Diary
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