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Angus Duddy

Nuffield Australia 2016 Scholarship winner

Angus Duddy, from Quirindi in New South Wales, received a Nuffield Scholarship supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (northern region).

He investigated whether agriculture and mining can co-exist and, if so, do mining operations present landholders with opportunities to tap into alternative energy sources and recycled water that will benefit their production.

Angus jointly manages a 2350-hectare mixed grain, beef and dryland cotton family property on the Liverpool Plains with his wife, Jaimie.

They use a rotation of cotton, sorghum and wheat/pulses, and operate an opportunity 500-head AUS-MEAT accredited feed lot.

Angus’ scholarship research is particularly pertinent to the operation, as it sits across two mining exploration licence areas.

He investigated the impact of mining on agriculture and how mining operations manage waste water. In addition, he studied whether waste water can be recycled for intensive agriculture and if alternative energy, such as coal seam gas, can be utilised while the coal is mined.

“If it is found that these large mining projects do not benefit agricultural businesses, landholders and managers need to understand the risks they present and how these can be managed,” Angus says.

“If it is found there are benefits for agricultural production to manage risk or enhance production, then producers need to be made aware of these potential benefits.”

Angus traveled to Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Brazil, the USA, Canada and New Zealand.


Location: Quirindi, New South Wales,
Scholarship report: click to view
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