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Adam McVeigh

Nuffield Australia 2015 Scholarship winner

Adam McVeigh, from Dalby in Queensland, received a Nuffield Scholarship supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation. He researched achieving sustainable high yields from continuous double cropping with overhead irrigation.

Adam is an irrigated and dryland producer, cropping cotton, corn, sorghum, barley, wheat and occasionally mungbeans and chickpeas on the Darling Downs. In addition he does some contract cotton picking. Encompassing both the family operation and his own farm, in 2014-15, he grew 425 hectares of cotton, 105 hectares of barley, 115 hectares of wheat, 65 hectares of sorghum and 65 hectares of corn.

While irrigated cropping can be very profitable, Adam says in dry years when water is limited or simply not available, the cost of maintaining infrastructure and servicing debt can be financially crippling.

“When water is plentiful it then becomes necessary to extract maximum value out of the irrigation infrastructure,” he explains.

Adam researched growing two crops each year in the same irrigated paddock, with a focus on achieving maximum return per hectare in a situation where water is not limited.

He visited France, the USA, Egypt, UK, Mexico, Brazil, China and India.

Location: Dalby, Queensland
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